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Passat W8 dome lights in a Golf MK4

This guide will instruct you to install the Passat W8 dome lights with red ambient lighting and illuminated buttons in a Golf MK4.


Working principle

The W8 lights require one additional wire for the illuminated buttons and ambient lighting. This wire will be connected to the dashboard illumination, an after-market adapter can be used to do this without needing to make other changes to the wiring.

Required parts

Required tools


Removing the old lights

  1. Remove the bulb cover
  2. Remove the two philips head screws.
  3. Unclip and remove the light.
The bulb cover hinges from the front.
The screws holding the light in place.
The light is held in by 4 clips, two of them can be unclipped as shown here.
The other two are hidden and can only be pushed in after pulling the light down a little bit, I ended up damaging them a bit. Their location can be seen here.

Routing the illumination wire

  1. Pull down the door seal
  2. Remove the a-pillar trim
  3. Remove the dashboard end cap
  4. Route the wire past the A-pillar
  5. Route the wire to the fusebox
Pull the trim off from the top
Clip locations
Pull from inside the fusebox, the panel hinges at the front.
Put the wire behind the A-pillar wire guides.
Pull the wire through the dashboard to the fusebox.

Connecting the illumination wire